About Us
Our passion for research has enabled us to become one of the largest private plant-breeding and crop genetics programs in India. Our broad and deep area knowledge, increased technology capabilities in our Research Units and our ability to deliver innovations has ensured new levels of productivity.

Time and again, we harness new approaches in tandem with our organizational scale, portfolio, talents and capabilities to find the newest and most valuable seed solutions in both the national and the global agricultural domain. While most of the industry tends to focus primarily on one dimension of seed discovery, we tend to explore every facet of crop science through our fully equipped, high-tech research stations and biotechnology laboratories to facilitate ongoing testing and development of new cultivars and thereby deliver high impact seeds for farmers.

We believe that R&D and scientific applications are the foundation for realizing our goals. Based on this belief, the research team at Vibha Seeds has strived:
To build a gene bank of diverse germplasm
To add greater value to its products
To extensively widen its product base
To proactively address environmental concerns
Our commitment to research has a defining purpose – and that is to provide choice and value for our customers. By letting them have increased access to technology in the form of reliable seeds of improved and adapted crop varieties that are:
Exhibit strong progeny
we ensure that a healthy synergy exists between biotechnological research and agricultural sustainability.

By researching and producing market-oriented hybrids capable of matching farmers’ expectations, we feel proud to be working towards the progress of not only Indian farmers, but farmers across the globe. Our emphasis on food security in every continent is the cornerstone of our efforts.

Our investment to the tune of Rs 200 crores (US$ 40 million) in establishing a state-of-the-art multi-crop seed conditioning facility at Jedcherla, near Hyderabad, AP, India, has set new standards in the field of agriculture and helped gain international recognition. It is a reflection of our earnest commitment to R&D.
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