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The breeding program of oilseed sunflower is the oldest at Vibha Seed Group. We have successfully delivered several hybrids with broad genetic base and novel traits such as altered fatty acids and tolerance to diseases. In India, Vibha group is well-recognized for releasing first mid-oleic sunflower hybrids. We are also testing our hybrids for Orobanche resistance in Europe and evaluating our hybrids in China and Latin America for adaptability.
Salient features
High yielding sunflower hybrids are developed for
Different maturity groups (75-120 days) to match regional preferences
High volume weight
High oil content & oil types (Linoleic/High oleic/mid oleic)
Different plant types (Tall/Medium/Dwarf )
Drought and salinity tolerance
Disease resistance (TSV, Alternaria, DM & PM)
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