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Sorghum is the fifth largest cereal in the world and is one of the most important food, feed, fuel and forage crop in the semi-arid tropics having less than 600 mm annual rainfall. Research at Vibha Seeds Group has been focused to develop high yielding Grain Sorghum (GS), Sorghum Sudan Grass (SSG) and Sweet Sorghum (SS) hybrids utilizing diverse germplasm.

Grain Sorghum (GS) sustains the livelihood of resource poor people and is a principal source of energy in low rainfall areas and marginal soils. These hybrids are bred for higher yield, improved grain quality, tolerance to pests and diseases and to suit machine harvesting...

Sorghum Sudan Grass (SSG) is preferred for highly nutritive green forage for cattle. SSG is suitable for growing in high temperature and low rainfall areas. Vibha Seeds Group has developed several multi-cut and highly nutritious SSG hybrids suitable for summer and rainy seasons.

Sweet Sorghum (SS) hybrids are specially bred for biofuel (ethanol) production. Further, these hybrids can also be used for production of sugar, syrup and jaggery. It is also an excellent source of fodder, and can be used for making silage.
Salient features
High yielding grain sorghum hybrids are developed for
Different maturity groups - early and medium (100 - 115 days)
Tolerance to grain mould, aphids and shoot fly
Tolerance to drought
Bold grains with enhanced nutritional and fed quality
Dwarf plant types for mechanical harvest
High yielding multi-cut SSG hybrids are developed for
Low HCN content
High tillering, tall, thin, sweet and juicy stalks for high biomass
Good quality fodder with tolerance to leaf diseases
High palatability and digestibility
High regeneration capacity
High yielding sweet sorghum hybrids are developed for
High biomass and cane yield
High juice yield and brix content
Tolerance to leaf diseases and pests (stem borer, aphids and mites)
Brown midrib for higher ethanol recovery
Tolerance to lodging
Enhanced grain quality - protein content, grain luster and milling quality
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