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Rice is one of the top cereal crops for food security in the world. The importance of rice in Asian countries has given impetus to Vibha Seeds Group to develop a strong research base for providing farmers their real choice. The exploitation of heterosis breeding has made an impact in other Asian countries but its full potential is yet to be realized in India. Considering this, VSG has laid equal research emphasis on the development of high yielding, high quality hybrids and varieties.
Salient features
High yielding rice hybrids and varieties are developed for
Different maturity groups (100 to 135 days)
Grain types - long slender (LS), medium slender (MS) and medium bold (MB)
Grain quality - low amylose, non-aromatic, and aromatic (basmati)
New plant ideotype
Tolerance to diseases such as blast and BLB
Tolerance to salinity and water stress
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