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Pearl millet is the most important warm-season coarse-grain cereal cultivated in the arid and semi-arid tropics. It is a major source of dietary energy for poor people and fodder for livestock in drought prone areas with rainfall as low as 200 mm. To meet the requirement of these regions, Vibha Seeds Group has focuses research at all our three R&D centers on vigorous genetic enhancement and hybrid development for drought tolerance and higher grain and fodder yield; Further for disease downy mildew(DM) resistance screening, we use six hot spot locations.
Salient features
High-yielding pearl millet hybrids are developed on diverse CMS base (A1 to A5) with DM resistance for
Different maturity groups (65 to 85 days)
Quality grain and fodder
Enhanced nutritive value of grain (high Fe and Zn)
Different plant ideotypes - Short, tall and high tillering (dual types- grain and fodder)
Tolerance to drought and heat.
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