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Products - Cotton
Considering higher economic importance of cotton in India, Vibha Seeds Group has focused its research programs using a rich collection of diverse germplasm. Vibha develops and markets elite and trait-specific new cultivars developed specifically for major production regions to satisfy growing aspirations of Indian farmers. The new products are rigorously tested at 11 R&D and 19 MLRT centers representing all major crop production zones of India. So far VSG has commercialized 14 Bollgard and 21 Bollgard II transgenic cotton hybrids and has a robust pipeline of cultivars for the future.
Salient features
High yielding cotton hybrids are developed for
Big bolls and easy picking
Better fiber properties
wider adaptability with varied maturity groups (140 -240 days)
Planttypes - bushy, erect,determinate and indeterminate
Tolerance to drought and salinity
Tolerance to wilt and leaf diseases
Tolerance to sucking pest - jassids, white flies, thrips and aphids
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