Boom (VMH 2015)
Elite (VMH 2009)
VMH 404
Super Hi-Corn (VMH 2000)
Eden (VMH 4040)
 Pearl Millet
Products - Corn
Corn is an important food, feed and industrial crop around the world. Corn research strategies at Vibha Seeds Group have been designed to innovate and deliver superior products to meet expectations of farmers and agro-industries. VSGs corn research is focused on genetic enhancement to evolve trait-specific elite germplasm, breeding hybrids by design and adaptive research with all corn relative maturity (CRM) groups. VSG also screens for tolerance to major diseases across representative hot spots, and ensures food and nutritional quality.
Salient features
High yielding single and three ways cross hybrids are developed from diverse and heterotic gene pools for
Different maturity groups (early, medium, and full-season) for rainy, postrainy and summer seasons
Low and high input management
High density planting
Tolerance to drought, heat and cold
Field tolerance to major diseases like leaf blight and downy mildew
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