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India is the largest producer of castor contributing to more than 60% of global production. Castor has unlimited industrial applications and enjoys tremendous demand for its more than 250 value added products worldwide. Castor is a highly drought tolerant crop widely grown on marginal lands. VSG is one of the few companies in India involved in intensive castor research in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. VSG is using largest collection of diverse germplasm for breeding highly stable pistillate and monoecious lines for developing superior hybrids, and hybrids for mechanical harvest as well.
Salient features
High yielding hybrids are developed for
Branching and non-branching plant types
Resistance to wilt
Long and compact raceme
Resistance to capsule shattering
High yield and high oil content
Early and medium duration
Low and high input conditions
High test weight
Tolerance to grey rot and insects pests
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