“Sowing the Seeds of Success….Cultivating a Future for the Nation”
Vidya Sagar Foundation (abbv. VIFOU) is a registered non-profit society under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. VIFOU is promoted by Vibha Seeds Group of Companies with the principal objective of promoting the cause of progress in plant breeding and seed technology and to provide charitable services to society, particularly to the farming community of India.

Founded by the Group's Chairman, Mr. P. Vidyasagar and his family, VIFOU aims at fulfilling the urgent need for upliftment of the rural masses through deployment of modern farming practices and employment-generating training.
All VIFOU activities are based on four important objectives which are listed below:
Objective 1: VIFOU aims to establish and develop training and developmental programs for young science graduates and post-graduates in the field of plant breeding and seed technology. The main objective of this is to impart essential qualifications and professional skills that enhance employability of fresh graduates by the industry. This is achieved by emphasis on hands-on training in various aspects of plant breeding and seed technology in collaboration with the appropriate national and international academic and research institutions.

In order to meet this objective, VIFOU has already made a good beginning by starting two Post-Graduate Diploma courses from the academic year 2010: A one-year PG Diploma Courses in Advanced Plant Breeding (APB) and another on Advanced Seed Technology (AST). Both these courses were launched on November 12, 2010 by the Chairman, Mr. Vidyasagar.

These courses are planned on the lines of similar other courses that are offered by advanced plant breeding academies around the world. Major emphasis is laid on practical training and employability. Vibha Seeds Group has already agreed to employ all the candidates after they successfully complete these training courses.
Objective 2: The third objective is the transfer of technology to farmers as quickly as possible through the farmers' education program. Under this program, VIFOU will undertake region-wise analysis of constraints for obtaining higher crop yields such as poor soil quality or improper use of inputs. It will then implement farmers' education by conducting training programs involving Vibha's competent scientists and extension specialists.

A few services such as soil testing etc are also planned for the needy farmers so that they are better placed to make sustainable use of their natural resources and are better equipped to tackle the problems of food and nutritional security of the nation.
Objective 3: The second objective focuses on excellence in farm practices to achieve higher yields through the 'Farmers' Clubs'. The extensive country-wide marketing network of Vibha Group will collect data on yields of different crops obtained by farmers in various regions. VIFOU will then felicitate those farmers who are able to achieve the highest yield by adopting the latest farming methods. VIFOU believes that the creation of such role-models will facilitate faster diffusion of new technologies.
Objective 4: Finally, VIFOU plans to create a foundation to undertake scientific research and promote advanced learning in plant breeding and seed technology. This foundation will hold seminars, workshops and the like. VIFOU is already sponsoring several scientific publications, and offers financial support for conduct of scientific seminars and employment-generating training programs.

VIFOU is further planning to organize several innovative programs to be organized during next few years, such as holding of an international seminar, and institution of awards and fellowships to encourage excellence in science and its application to enhance food security.

VIFOU will also undertake developmental and welfare programs in selected rural areas to serve the needy families suffering because of natural calamities. Thus VIFOU will try its best to fulfill its social obligations and commitments to the development of the nation.
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