Vibha Seeds Group
Vibha Seeds Group fosters a culture of innovation and reaches the market with new products to meet ever changing preferences and needs of farmers. We have a portfolio of around 200 products in 12 field and 18 vegetable crops that reach out to more than 20 million satisfied farmers across 20 Indian states.
Our products are tailored to enhance crop yields, product quality, nutritional value, and tolerance to different biotic and abiotic stresses and well accepted by the Indian farmers for uniqueness and higher economic returns.

Furthermore a high yield, growth habit that promotes diverse harvest methods and an optimal shape, good uniformity and strong colours are all major breeding targets. Last but not the least; our products should appeal to the taste buds of our consumers.

A strong scientific lineage combined with a competent production wing and solid supply-chain management system makes Vibha Seeds Group a forerunner of crop genetics and hybrid seed companies in India.

Above all, the company affirms its allegiance to the use of biotechnology solely for the benefit of mankind with due consideration for all the living creatures and the environment.
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