CenBios is our agricultural biotechnology subsidiary. It was established to exploit the potential of agro-biotechnology to address India-specific opportunities. After witnessing the tremendous contribution of GM cotton to Indian agriculture, the demand for such technology is bound to increase.
CenBios has established relationships with reputed national and international research organizations to conduct collaborative research in the areas of transgenics and functional plant genomics. The R&D functions at CenBios are currently structured to undertake two key programmes: transgenic and diagnostic.
Focus Areas:
Development of biotic and abiotic stress-tolerant crop varieties.
Improvement of quality for commercial viability.
Longer shelf life.
Identification of new genes for new traits from in-house projects and collaborative partnerships.
Development of transformation and regeneration protocols.
Studies on transgene expression.
CENBIOS is currently developing marker-assisted selection (MAS) protocols to effectively search and locate new traits for crop improvement. MAS is especially useful for certain crop traits that are difficult or impossible to identify conventionally.
Focus Areas:
Marker assisted breeding for complex traits especially when the genotype-environment interaction (GxE) is high, and gene pyramiding.
DNA finger printing of parents and hybrids for plant varietal protection. (We have so far successfully developed DNA fingerprinting patterns for several cotton and rice hybrids.)
Use of MAS to develop GOT protocols for crops such as cotton, rice, sunflower and okra.
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