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Vibha Seeds creates one of the world’s largest multi-crop seed conditioning facility in India.
Hyderabad, India
November 28, 2009
Vibha Seeds is one of the premier private crop genetics and hybrid seed companies in India serving the nation thru the services of its four sister concerns Vibha Agrotech Ltd. (VAL), Nusun Genetic Research Ltd.(NGRL), Seed Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (SINNOVA) and Centromere Bio-solutions Pvt. Ltd. (CENBIOS). The rousing and clairvoyant vision of the group is to empower Indian farmers by providing them with a superior quality seeds. Vibha with its largest private plant breeding program has over 190 products in 12 field and 18 vegetable crops in the markets reaching to over 20 million happy farmers thru its network of over 4900 distributors across India.

For providing the best quality seeds in time to farmers across the nation, Vibha Seeds inaugurated on 28th November 2009 its one of the World’s largest Multi-Crop Seed conditioning facility, created with an investment of about Rs. 200 Crores, at Janampet, Jedcherla in Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh at the auspicious hands of Dr. K. Rosaiah, Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The programme was presided by Sri Raghuveera Reddy, Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Horticulture, Andhra Pradesh and graced by several ministers and officials of Andhra Pradesh. Many agricultural scientists including Director Generals and Directors of many institutions were present.

Nearly 10,000 farmers, dealers/distributors/Seed organizers and Seed Industry dignitaries/delegates and business partners of Vibha Seeds from India and abroad attended the grand inauguration.

Vibha with this huge facility has really benchmarked the Indian Seed Industry in the Global Seed Sector. With this creation, Vibha has reiterated its stand to serve Indian farmers with passion, purpose and pride in producing and making quality seeds available in every corner India and possibly in every part of the world. Vibha is committed to see smile on the face of every farmer.

In his inaugural speech, Chief Minister Dr. Rosaiah said that Vibha Seeds has really created a ‘Vaibhav’ not only for Andhra Pradesh but also for the whole of India. He expressed that seeing the facility created by Vibha, whether he was in developed country or in India. He said quality seed results in better crop yields to farmers. He further said had Mr. P. Vidyasagar been there on the scene 30 years before, Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru’s dream of seeing the smile on the face of every farmer could have been filled by now.

Sri. Raghuveera Reddy, Agriculture and Horticulture Minister of Andhra Pradesh, while congratulating Mr. P. Vidysagar, CMD, Vibha, said that Andhra Pradesh is proud of Vibha Seeds which has grown rapidly to take on a greater responsibility of serving the teeming millions of farmers with its high quality research and endeavor in producing seeds. He expressed confidence that Vibha, besides the quality seeds, will roll out appropriate commercial crop production technologies for the benefit of farmers.

The Key features of the newly launched Multi-Crop Seeds Conditioning Facility are:
With 1.2 million sq. ft. built-in space in 106 Acres of land.
With the world’s largest Grain and Corn-Cob drying facilities
With one of the best Cold storage/Warehousing/packaging facilities
With Industrial scale Biotech and Seed testing labs.
Can roll out as many as 100 trucks of processed seeds per day.
This Vibha’s project will not only help farmers and business partners but will also create an employment for thousands of people in rural sector of Andhra Pradesh and also India. Vibha already has a strength of 1900 human resource with more than 80% staff of strong agricultural research and management background.
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