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Vibha Seeds launches Prime (VB 3115), an innovative pearl millet hybrid for the Bajra growing farmers of Rajasthan, Haryana and UP.
Hyderabad, India
February 5, 2010
Vibha Agrotech Limited, one of the premier private research organizations, always fosters a culture of innovation and hits the market with power packed new products to set the trends and standards in the market. Vibha seeds will launch its new and innovative pearl millet hybrid Prime (VBBH 3115) in the ensuing Kharif season of 2010 for the Bajra growing farmers of Rajasthan, Haryana and UP. This hybrid is highly resistant to Downy mildew, the major constraints of pearl millet production in India. Prime is having a very attractive table top appearance with more number of synchronous tillers, long and very compact heads. In the occasion of release proposal of this product our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. P. Vidyasagar said that “Our goal is to meet the expanding demand for technology hybrids that are delivering performance and agronomic value to producers.”
Vibha seeds focuses on empowering Indian farmers with superior quality seeds and have constant endeavor to be innovative and pioneer in developing cost-effective technologies or products that can meet the requirements of farmers, markets and agro-industries. The Group is engaged in crop improvement research, seed production and marketing of superior quality seeds of over 190 products in 12 field and 18 vegetable crops and reaches out to more than 20 million farmers across 19 Indian states. The Group is a trendsetter in the Indian seed industry for its Research & Development, unique and wide product range, and for creating excellent infrastructures.

The importance of pearl millet in India has given an impetus to develop a strong research base of pearl millet at Vibha seeds, which is built on a history of scientific approach, hard work, success and commitment to provide Bajra farmers their real choice. Vibha seeds have developed its own expertise in Bajra for developing elite germplasm, breeding by design, screening for DM resistance, seed production and marketing. Through its stringent research process, focused approach on genetic enhancement programme and breeding strategies, the Company continues to offer to farmers a wide range of new high yielding innovative hybrids that can with stand DM and widely adapted across the country.

Vibha seeds with the legacy of elite germplasm, scientific temperament, good product development network, maximum quality and innovative technology, investments on breeding programs, infrastructure and human capital along with supply superior hybrids have laid the foundation to become a leading choice among the farmers of India. Backed by the breadth and depth of strong genetic enhancement programmes in the country, the hybrid development research is conducted at three R&D centers and six hot spot locations to represent all millet growing zones of India. We at Vibha seeds understand well that breeding for resistance to DM is the only practical and economically feasible way to control the disease. Trait specific research at Vibha seeds brings unique and superior genetics to Indian Bajra farmers. Vibha seeds draw upon one of the India’s largest pool of diverse germplasm and have developed more than 100 A-B lines and nearly 250 highly DM resistant restorer lines in-house which are used to develop extraordinary hybrids of superior yield performance.

Our existing products - Jade and Shine is of medium maturity duration and performing very well since last two years in Rajasthan, Haryana and UP. Noble is another early maturing hybrid is performing well in the A1 zone of Rajasthan and some parts of Haryana. Jade has proved its performance in the trials conducted by All India Co-ordinated Pearl Millet Improvement Programme. Bajra hybrid Prime has been tested since last three years in different locations of Rajasthan, Haryana and UP during kharif and in Gujarat during summer season for the confirmation of the product performance. During kharif 2009, Prime has been tested in more than 1000 location as On Farm Demonstrations in these states and confirmed its superiority over the best available commercial products of the competitors. Another three new Bajra hybrids Vibha seeds will be testing in the forth coming kharif season to keep the continuous flow of new products in the market. The Company consistently focuses on the changing needs and preferences of farmers, and believes in increasing the productivity by using methods that are environmentally compatible and economically viable. In view of global warming, increasing water shortages, deteriorating natural resource base, and growing demand of high quality fodder to meet the forage demand of increasing livestock population, pearl millet is the most useful crop options.

Food security and well being of farming community are the twin missions of Vibha seeds and it takes pride to ensure a smile on the face of every farmer.
Vibha Seeds' IPO in 2 years
BS Reporter / Chennai/ Hyderabad December 23, 2009, 0:37 IST
City-based Rs 500-crore Vibha Seeds would go for an initial public offering (IPO) in 2011 after it completes its second phase of expansion at domestic and international locations, said chairman and managing director P Vidya Sagar.

In Phase II, the company would invest Rs 60 crore to set up manufacturing units in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is also exploring opportunities in Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Hungary and Spain. "We will test our existing hybrids there,” he said, adding the company had 60,000 germ plasm of its seeds.

It would focus its research on groundnut, sesame and castor. “We are expecting some encouraging results in peanut in two years,” he said.

The company, engaged in crop improvement research, production and marketing of seeds, was looking at tying up with a German company to establish stability in jatropha for biodiesel. "Biodesel cultivtation is not economical in India due to low productivity and high labour costs,'' he said.

Vibha, which has a land bank of 700 acre and 12 research farms, inaugurated its seed conditioning plant built at a cost of Rs 200 crore at Jedcherla in Mahabubnagar in the state last month.
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