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P. Vidyasagar, CMD, Vibha Seeds Group, awarded Entrepreneur Leadership Award 2010 at Agriculture Leadership Summit.
November 2, 2010
For his outstanding role in developing Vibha Agrotech Ltd; into a dynamic and vibrant seed company with strong R&D and effectively serving the needs of the farming community, nationally and globally, Mr. P. Vidyasagar, CMD, Vibha Seeds Group awarded with ‘Entrepreneur Leadership award 2010 at Agriculture Leadership Summit held recently at National Agriculture Science Centre, Pusa, New Delhi. Dr. M. S Swaminathan, Member, Rajya Sabha, Dr. A.R.Kidwai, hon’ble ex Governor of Haryana, Dr. M.J. Khan, Chief Editor, Agriculture Today were among the members of the selection committee.

Vidyasagar Parchuri, the Chairman and Managing Director of Vibha Seed Group is a shining example of entrepreneur in seed and allied industries who has demonstrated that how dedication, attention to details and sheer hard work can transform lives for many, especially the needy rural populace. The meteoric rise of his group of companies in the very competitive Indian Seed Industry is due to his vision and multi-pronged strategy. He attributes his success to key factors such as exploiting novel germplasm, application of emerging technologies, quality seed production and seed conditioning and timely supply of seeds along with required information to the farmers. He takes great pride in his own passion for the farmer-centric approach and focused commitment to research and business to bring in and deploy best technologies and business practices with the sole purpose of modernizing ailing Indian agriculture which is yet to usher food and nutritional security and eliminating rural poverty.

With his close interactions with farmers, Vidyasagar realized that the most Indian farmers desire to access seeds of different crops through a single window. Therefore, he further established sister companies to deal with cash and vegetable crops: NUSUN in 1998 specializing in cotton and sunflower, SINNOVA in 2003 for vegetables, CETOMERE in 2004 to harness the biotechnology tools for quantum jumps in crop improvement, and DIVINE (2008) for flori- and horti-culture crops. Today, Vibha group has one of the largest and best cotton programs in the country, followed by yellow corn, sunflowers, pearl millet, rice, castor, sesame, mustard, wheat and forage sorghum. In vegetables Vibha group is strong in hot peppers, tomato, watermelon, okra, eggplant and several gourds. At present, Vibha is one among the top three companies in India with a turnover of over USD 125 million. Last November, Vibha inaugurated a unique multi-crop processing plant covering 12 million sft. With a range of processing facilities which includes ultra modern cob drier, cotton delinting, and cold storage, Vibha can now roll out 100 trucks of processed seeds per day, covering more than 190 products in 12 field crops and 20 vegetables. Plans are afoot to produce and supply quality onion and other seeds to meet everyone’s requirements, including urban households for small gardens.

Being disciplined and ambitious, setting new benchmarks is Vidyasagar’s obsession: One of his greatest contributions is creating badly needed employment in rural hinterlands. His companies have generated employment on a large scale, directly and indirectly, to more than 25,000 people across India. The Company has commissioned 90,000 acres for seed production by a highly specialized and competent group of 35,000 seed growers. The company's technical staff is stationed in the districts and villages to interact with dealers, retailers and farmers, and educating them on the products as well as providing them technical guidance on crop management and seed quality. 

Vidyasagar believes that fruits of success are to be shared not just with company associates but also with those who are needy, especially in the rural hinterlands. His Company supports needy rural populace farmers by participating in the community development programs. The group has participated in rehabilitating those affected by natural calamities. No wonder, with so much more to do, Vidyasagar regrets that there are only 24 hours in a day!
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